Create High-Impact Product Demos for Customer Onboarding

Tailored demos that captivate prospects and fast-track conversions

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Why should you use DemoGo?


Empower leads to experience the full potential of your product firsthand as soon as they arrive on your website or through your outreach efforts.


Minimize pressure on support times by visualizing responses with live how-to walk through tutorial demonstrations.

Close Deals

Elevate your sales and remove obstacles in the sales funnel. Unleash the potential for your customers to experience firsthand how your product seamlessly caters to their requirements.


DemoGo is the only solution on the market that allows you to self-host your interactive tours on your own website and does not require you to install a plugin on your browsers.

Who is DemoGo for?

Sales teams

Revitalize sales through interactive product tours, enhancing engagement and customization for potential customers.

  • Effortlessly guide prospects through features and benefits with engaging, immersive experiences.
  • Tailor tours to individual needs with on-screen demos and adaptable scenarios.
  • Deepen customer bonds, showcasing personalized product value and accelerating sales team learning.
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Marketing teams

Energize your marketing strategy with the dynamic advantages of interactive product tours, revolutionizing customer engagement.

  • Amplify brand impact by immersing customers in captivating product experiences.
  • Tailor content to diverse audiences, showcasing features through customizable scenarios.
  • Foster lasting connections, delivering personalized value and enriching customer understanding.
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Support and onboarding teams

Enhance training and support impact with interactive product tours, reshaping user education and issue resolution.

  • Facilitate comprehensive training through immersive, guided product exploration.
  • Address user concerns effectively by adapting tours to specific scenarios and inquiries.
  • Strengthen user proficiency, fostering better understanding and self-sufficiency in product usage.
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How is DemoGo different to other solutions?

without DemoGo
  • Hosting Dependence: Opting for a hosted service ties you to external servers, introducing potential reliability issues.
  • Invasive Plugin Installation: Choosing a solution requiring browser plugins burdens users with unnecessary installations, hindering user experience.
  • Security Risks with Bypassing: Bypassing security settings to enable functionality compromises the user's device safety and data integrity.
  • Limited User Autonomy: Users lack control, unable to explore the product at their preferred pace.
  • Diminished Engagement: Traditional methods lack the captivating nature of interactive tours, leading to reduced user interest.
  • Elevated Support Demand: Without visual guides, users often face confusion, resulting in increased support requests.
  • Slower Learning Curve: Absence of interactive learning hampers users' ability to quickly grasp product value.
  • Inconsistent Communication: Without standardized tours, product information dissemination may vary, causing misunderstandings.
  • Complex Onboarding: Traditional methods necessitate more effort for user familiarization, delaying efficient onboarding.
  • Lower Conversion Rates: Static presentations struggle to inspire confidence, leading to fewer successful conversions.
with DemoGo
  • Seamless Self Hosting: Unlike competitors, our product tour software enables hassle-free self-hosting, eliminating dependency on external servers.
  • No Browser Plugin Installation: Skip the inconvenience of browser plugin installations. Our solution works without any extra installations.
  • Bypass Security Settings: Our software guarantees smooth operation without requiring security setting bypasses, ensuring a secure and efficient experience.
  • Enhanced User Control: Provide users the power to explore your product at their pace and convenience.
  • Engagement Boost: Interactive tours captivate users, increasing their understanding and interest.
  • Reduced Support Load: Clear visual guides minimize user confusion, reducing support queries.
  • Accelerated Learning: Users grasp your product's value faster through hands-on exploration.
  • Consistent Messaging: Ensure uniform product communication across all users for better understanding.
  • Efficient Onboarding: Streamline user onboarding with guided tours that highlight key features.
  • Higher Conversion Rates: Interactive demos drive potential customers towards confident purchasing decisions.

Our users' favourite features:

Seamless Hosting

Empower control with self-hosting, ensuring uninterrupted access and tailored experiences for your users.

Plug-in Free

No plugins needed, granting users instant interaction without hassle.

Codeless Experience

Navigate effortlessly through our software, no coding expertise required for customization.

Unlimited Usage

Explore boundlessly without usage restrictions, unlocking full potential for your needs.


Intuitive interface fosters ease, enhancing user engagement without a steep learning curve.

Effortless Sharing

Amplify reach with simple sharing, extending your product's impact across platforms.

Proven Credibility

Benefit from 15 years of established expertise, securing trust in our product's reliability.

Capture Leads

Seamlessly gather valuable leads during tours, optimizing conversion strategies and growing your business.

Effortless Demos

Amplify Conversions, Elevate Engagement. Your Product's Best Impression, Made Easy.

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